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About Ji'nan

Ji’nan Attractions


Read the following introductions for attractions in Jinan. You will know the top attractions there and you can also get to know the city attractions by category.

Top Jinan Attractions

Baotu Spring

Baotu Spring

The city of Jinan, which is known as a city of spring for every family to share and for everyone to enjoy, has been bought to fame through its amazing springs. Amon...

Daming Lake

Daming Lake

Daming Lake is located in the centre of Jinan City in Shandong Province, in the old northern part of the city located close to Thousand Buddha Mountain and Ba...

Thousand Buddha Mountain/Mount Qianfu

Thousand Buddha Mountain/Mount Qianfu

Thousand Buddha Mountain/Mount Qianfu is one of Jinan's must-see three major tourist-attractions and is one of Jinan's highest mountains standing at two-hundr...

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